We believe in the simple things in life. One of those simple things is expressing yourself with emojis, specifically unicorn emojis. We worked hard to create this awesome emoji pack for iOS. We know you’ll enjoy them!

So do you love unicorns?  I mean, really love them, are obsessed by them, and wish they were real.  In fact, you know they are real, it’s just they’re magical and only choose to be seen by special people and small children who, of course, will never be able to get their parents to listen to the facts.  Unicorn Emojis is something that everyone should have on their phone.

There’s an appropriate unicorn emoji for literally everything. We have robot unicorns, unicorns pooping rainbows, effortless unicorn love, floating on clouds of happiness, Gundam unicorn defenders who beat down evil and hate, special occasions/holidays; you name it, it’s in this sticker app.

Unicorn emojis are split up into 7 different categories, with over 140 to choose from.  These emojis work perfectly with all the major apps: Facebook, WhatsApp, and iMessage.  Plus, the app is very user-friendly, with no pestering micro-transactions or hidden catches.  You can even take your love for unicorns to the next level by getting your favorite emojis printed on shirts, mugs, hats, and more!

Unicorn Emojis for life!

Remember, this is just the sticker pack for the emoji unicorn keyboard, please go to https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1228665588 to get the keyboard app to use with other messaging apps.  – Or you can purchase the UnicornEMOJI 2 for 1 Bundle (both stickers and keyboard emoji) together: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1233570926

Unicorn Emoji stickers are pretty customizable, so you can get the perfect sized unicorn for whatever the occasion (all of them tbh).  This sticker app is highly recommended for users on iOS 10 to get the best compatibility.