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If you’re like most people, Halloween is a holiday that is fun to celebrate pretty much all year around.  It’s not like Halloween costumes are ever going to be frowned upon, as long as it looks cool and scary.  Halloween Smash is a fun app game you can download to enjoy the spirit of Halloween anytime you want.  It’s free, it’s cute, and has some great Halloween ideas mixed into an exciting adventure.

Picture this: some big yellow slimy goop landed on Earth—and it’s not the friendly time of slime, either.  This thing is causing so much havoc on Earth, and it is up to you to, Pumpkin Head, to make way through a graveyard where all the evil slime and various obstacles await.  They’re creepy and they’re kooky, and it up to you to save the world, basically.

Along the way you’ll collect candy corn to help assist you on your journey, unlocking teammates and more levels to progress.  Halloween Smash is a feast for Halloween fans abound, with throwback movie posters that look like real Halloween features.  Navigating the graveyard and past enemies is a breeze, but still challenging enough to keep even the best players hooked.  It starts out nice and slow, but the game soon brings the difficulty, throwing more enemies and obstacles your way.

Each Halloween friend you unlock introduces a new special ability, making the game more addicting and interesting as you open up new levels and replay others.  You can even play in an endless gameplay on your favorite levels to test your skills and set new personal records.

This a Halloween game that is fun for the whole family and a great Halloween party feature.  A spooky-good time for all!